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Summer 2023!


Arne Viimets, an intellectually gifted individual with a love of opera and a penchant for discussing football and Thoreau with his dog, has been appointed head coach of a modest Canadian university football team. His return to the game is motivated by a desire to regain control and meaning in his life and his marriage, both of which have been devastated by recent tragedy. From the outset his tenure is beset with a dysfunctional coaching staff and a team torn by dissension.

Kevin Willister is an undersized, under-talented walk-on trying to earn a dressing spot with toughness, heart, and little else. He is floating through university with no idea what he would like to do with his life, other than “make a difference.”

In the Shadow of the Goalposts is the story of two individuals, a coach and a player, both struggling to maintain a moral compass amidst what they perceive to be the insipid and unguided principles of modern society.