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Utopia. A flawless, violence-free, ecologically sustainable world. A world in which meaningfulness is found in celebrity and sensationalism.

Tommy Pierre Antigamac is the most followed player in the world’s most popular sport: American football. When he is inexplicably cut off from the Hive and captured by a group of anti-Hive terrorists, the unfamiliar emptiness and silence of his unattached mind almost drives him insane. In time, however, he becomes tantalized by the ‘primitive’ concepts of privacy, individual thought, and unenhanced mental imagery. Concurrently, he comes to see the ‘richness’ of Hive society as but a hollow illusion, its world void of purpose, its incessant pursuit of celebrity and sensory input crass and shallow.

Tommy must make a decision of which life he wants, and when he chooses to join his captors in their struggle, he discovers that the reach of the Hive is considerably more invasive than he could have dreamed.

A social commentary. A wake-up call. A serious look at the insidious intrusion of technology and social media into our lives and into the very fabric of society.

I had to publish this book now, because I was afraid that in 15 years people would read it . . . and say “What’s the big deal?”

"With a brief page count and consistent intelligence, Kirchner’s novel may not reinvent the dystopian future cautionary tale, but it renders an effective update/upgrade for the age of the smartphone. His portrayal of a surveillance state is as disquieting as Orwell’s vision in the analog era.An engrossing and disturbing glimpse into a digital totalitarian future."
Kirkus Reviews
“Kirchner paints a bleak, highly controversial picture of humanity’s future in his debut novel that is reminiscent of other dystopian masterpieces like The Matrix. . . . [The] tale is action-packed, with several heart-breaking twists sprinkled throughout that will engage science fiction readers of all walks of life. RECOMMENDED by the US Review.”
The US  Review of Books
“Remarkable, thought-provoking, and not to be missed…”

awarded BookView Review’s Gold Badge rating

“Sharp-edged and sophisticated, the novel offers an unparalleled emotional experience. Kirchner is an author to watch.”
BookView Review
“. . . a fantastic read . . . 4 out of 4 stars”
“Gary J. Kirchner’s meta-commentary on the rising dependence on social media, celebrity-obsessed culture, and the increasing lack of privacy regulations is spot on.”
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